liner test paper is used in the manufacture of carton sheets and due to the quality of liner test paper, it can be used in both the inner layer of the carton and the outer layer of the carton. The calorific value of these papers varies in the range of 110 to 200 grams. Liner test paper, which is used as the outer layer of carton sheet, has special technical specifications, for example, the water absorption of the outer layer of liner test paper is less than the inner layer. The low water absorption of the outer layer of the liner test paper is due to the protection of the carton from the absorption of ambient moisture and good printability, and the higher water absorption of the inner layer is due to better adhesion on the floating paper. Also, test liner paper has suitable surface resistances for high quality printing. Also, the liner test should be in the acceptable rank in terms of health, because in some cases, it may cause an unpleasant odor in contact with food products.