Ariana Paper has been present in the country’s market since 2016 with the production of various types of packaging paper including all types of liner paper (test liner – simple liner and colored liner) and fluting paper with 90 to 125 GSM and Paper width up to 250 cm for customers. Our customers are including the largest domestic manufacturers of sheets and cartons. In addition to the domestic market, the company’s products have a history of presence in Turkey, Iraq, Armenia and Afghanistan.

Since 2018, in order to reduce packaging costs, we targeting  lightweight products with desirable quality, So at the present time most papers produce with 90-110 GSM.

A group of experienced staff along with standard laboratory facilities and the commitment to produce high quality, is the main support of our success and in recent years. Also it has been the main reason for the growing of the company.

In 2019 we succeeded in receiving ISIRI standard certificate for our fluting papers under the KIARAM brand.