Strengthen efforts to preserve natural resources among Damghan officials

Damghan – The Friday prayer leader of Damghan, stating that the environment and God-given resources are a trust for the future in our hands, said: “Efforts to discuss natural resources should be strengthened more than before among city officials.”
According to the Mehr repoter, Hojatoleslam Abbas Ali Jirani on the seventh day of the week of natural resources and in the ritual of planting saplings hosted by the Damghan Rasoul Akram Applied Science Center ,
While stating that these days are a precious opportunity that teaches us to protect and safeguard the areas of natural resources well throughout the year, and He said: The culture of trees and arboriculture in our society should not be forgotten and this sacred and valuable culture should be spread in the society more than before.He added: “Unfortunately, the protection of natural resources in our society is weak.” And the concern for the protection and preservation of natural resources should be an important and fundamental issue in the top priority of all people and should never be neglected.
The head of Damghan Friday prayer stated that the culture of planting a tree in the name of a martyr should be promoted, spread and cultured in the community and among the people. He added: “Natural resources as a national asset should be important for all of us so that we can transfer this wealth to the future by protecting it.”
Jirani stated that according to the orders of the Supreme Leader, the culture, civilization and identity of the people depend on natural resources. This shows that natural resources are important to us and we should not neglect them, he said:”Natural resources play an important and constructive role in contributing to sustainable economic growth and development and we must work hard to help strengthen natural resources better than before.

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