The positive impact of social partnerships in the environment

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The chairman of the People’s Participation Committee of the Tehran City Council on the activities of the Semans in 17 specialized working groups said that the organizations active in the field of environmental protection have implemented effective measures.

According to Mehr News Agency, Ehheh Rastgoo, a member of the Social and Cultural Commission of the Islamic Council of Tehran, in the ceremony of planting 30 thousand seedlings on the occasion of the tree planting day that was held yesterday afternoon with the presence of urban managers and environmentalists in area 21 in the town of Esteghlal, For social participation of people in creating and preserving the green space, he said: “Certainly the involvement of citizens in social, cultural, environmental and whatever related to them will result in better achievement of goals.” [/ Hm_text]

He stated that he disregarded the role of citizens as City service planners will find it difficult to plan and pursue goals. The need to keep people in touch with the environment is essential, and the lack of attention to this issue will also challenge the environment of the city’s economy. [/ hm_quote]

The Chief of Staff for Supporting and Enhancing the Activities of the People’s Organizations of Tehran has undeniably raised the increasing problems of urban life following the rapid growth of urbanization and a small increase in polluting industries, and stated: “Definitely destroying and neglecting
Per capita increase of green space as respiratory lungs

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