The opening of a thousand hectares of forest plan for the blessing of the executive headquarters of the Imam’s command

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In the week of tree-planting, a thousand hectares planted by the blessing of the Executive Committee of the Command of Imam (RA), with the presence of the head of the office of the Supreme Leader in the periphery of Tehran, will be opened and exploited.

According to the Mehr News Agency, in order to implement the Supreme Leader’s views on the preservation and development of the environment, the creation of forests and green spaces with the aim of controlling the micro-organisms, the blessing plan of the Executive Command of Imam Khomeini’s command in 1000 hectares of the marginal areas of Tehran, with The presence of the head of the Office of the Supreme Leader, the Chief Executive Officer of Imam Khomeini’s command, and a group of government officials will be inaugurated on Sunday, March 22nd. [1,120] 1000 hectares of blessed forage plantation in 90 hectares of Massoudieh area of ​​Tehran, 760 hectares in Melard Shahriar region (Ahtraabad) and 150 hectares in Deh Sayed Lavasan area. [/ Hm_quote]

Due to the increase of air pollution and the increase in the amount of pollutants in the area, 295,000 seedlings and plants (including atriplex, halophyte, pine, cedar, berry, khaddaghan, olive, barberry, almond, cam and wild pistachio) are planted. As well as the existence of desert arenas that originated from the emergence of these fountains in the Tehran metropolitan area, the implementation of the blessing plan of the Executive Chief of Imam Khomeini’s command can help to expand the scope of the green belt and create a clean and healthy air in Tehran. Meanwhile, in the blessing afforestation plan in the Melard Shahriar area (Ahtraabad), in addition to curbing the greenery and increasing forest cover and rangeland, we will see employment creation for the people of the region. [/ hm_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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